NEW: „Indoor Locator“ 

A central question in larger companies: „Where is the forklift?“ The question is, where is the right equipment with the required tonnage or special attachments? Sometimes the workshop is looking for the machine to be serviced or after a crash. Mobile Easykey has the answer: „Indoor Locator“.

indoor_locator_screenshotThe Mobile Easykey module also transmits its location to the software via WiFi. The more access points are installed, the more accurate the forklift is to be located. For most applications it is sufficient to know that a forklift truck can be found in a specific hall or area of the hall. With Mobile Easykey’s Indoor Locator the fleet management manager will also have a comprehensive overview of the entire company: Which forklift is in which condition: logged in, energized, in crash, in workshop mode, etc.

Necessary is only a current Mobile Easykey WiFi module – and a release code to activate the Indoor Locator feature in the Mobile Easykey software. This cost-effective solution comes without any retrofitting or intervention in the hardware.