First system with new VDI interface

Mobile Easykey at LogiMAT 2017

14 to 16 March 2017: Hall 8, Stand 8C05

The market leader in the manufacturer-independent fleet management systems presents a large number of new products, accessories and software solutions at the LogiMAT 2017.

  • fleet with Display and VDI Interface
    The latest generation of Mobile Easykey features a display and intuitive menu navigation. The main focus of development was on the requirements of fleet customers, requiring interaction with the operator. This allows an interactive call system “Active Call” as well as a modern and safe departure control. Completely new is the data communication: For the first time it is possible for a manufacturer-independent system to receive data directly from forklifts or other devices via CAN bus. This is made possible by the so-called VDI interface, whose development was decisively supported by Mobile Easykey customers. fleet will be delivered in June 2017.
  • smart lock 2 for Electric Driver Seated Trucks
    smart lock 1 has already been successful in customer use for two years. The cost-effective access control for drawbar and electric appliances replaces the mechanical switch. With an additional presence detection smart lock 2 is also approved for electric driver seated trucks. Data is transferred via Bluetooth. smart lock 2 replaces basic smart and is characterized by a considerably simplified installation.
  • Revision of Product Range
    From now on the products of Mobile Easykey are divided into three categories
    smart: The products of the category “smart” form the favorable entry into the world of Mobile Easykey. All equipped devices can be managed with the Mobile Easykey software.
    modular: With the classic range of Mobile Easykey, all individual requirements are fulfilled. With the modular system an extension is possible by a wide range of accessories. The well-known configurations basic, crash+ and crash+remote have become their own brand names of the Mobile Easykey family in recent years.
    fleet: The first product of the new category “fleet” is also called “fleet” and will be presented at LogiMAT 2017. fleet is perfectly adapted to the requirements of fleet customers with an intuitive display and the new VDI interface.
  • Battery Management: System Partnership with Benning
    Batteries are the most sensitive parts of a forklift truck. And damage is associated with high costs. The new “batcom digital” from manufacturer Benning provides all the relevant data for optimum battery handling, including accurate time information.
    The batcom digital transmits its data via Bluetooth to the Mobile Easykey module. There, the data is temporarily stored and then transferred to the Mobile Easykey software.
    Charging processes, electrolyte level, amountof electricity and temperature are recorded by batcom digital. From this data, the Mobile Easykey software generates statistics and analyzes that can be configured according to individual needs: per forklift, per department, for the entire company or for device types. Mobile Easykey with the new batcom digital optimizes the handling of batteries and ensures a longer service life.
  • Finance Module: All Costs at a Glance
    So far only an idea of controllers and car fleet managers: at the push of a button all costs per device. With the new Finance Module from Mobile Easykey, all costs per forklift, device type, department, operation and the entire fleet can be determined according to operating hours. Individual costs can be recorded manually or transferred from customer’s accounting system via interface.