Bombardier Austria secures forklift and storage technology with access control of Mobile Easykey

Safety first with smart lock

In Vienna, trams are built for the whole world. Safety is at the top of the agenda – not just for the finished product, but also for daily work.

Mobile Easykey Success Story Job Report Access Control Bombardier ViennaThe order situation is good: 70 to 100 complete urban railways with low floor technology leave the plant in Vienna every year. 80% of production goes to export to all continents. Some of the nearly 500 employees work in two-layer operation to meet the demand.
Currently, vehicles are being manufactured for projects in Austria, Switzerland, Australia and the UK. In addition, the Viennese engineers carry out construction work for the global Bombardier Group.

How important the occupational safety is at Bombardier becomes obvious when entering the site. On a column next to the entrance, the accident-free days in the factory are displayed for each visitor and employee to see. Andreas Ertler, Director of Production Control & Technical Services (responsible for the areas of work preparation, production planning and control and intralogistics), starts a tour of the company with a safety briefing and fitting the visitors with helmet and safety shoes. In the assembly hall are displays with pictures of Bombardier’s current global security campaign: “Safety – No Exceptions!”. The corporation informs the employees about safety standards and risks in their daily work. Partial drastic pictures illustrate the possible consequences of non-compliance with safety instructions. Thus, next to the photograph of a man, who had his hand amputated it reads: “I never left the safety valve of the cutting machine open, except on the afternoon when I had so much to do.”

Always in focus: Work safety
For Andreas Ertler, the improvement of working safety is part of the day-to-day business. Processes are continually being improved, measures taken, adherence to them checked and new standards developed. This also applies to the existing industrial trucks – forklifts, heavy-lift trucks, high-lift trucks and storage equipment. In 2013, Bombardier started retrofitting Mobile Easykey to newer devices. In addition, the more than 10-year-old forklift fleet was successively renewed and ordered directly with the access control from Mobile Easykey. Linde is the main supplier of industrial trucks and at the same time also recommended the fleet management system.

On the one hand, Bombardier wanted to prevent unauthorized use of machines and, on the other hand, to terminate the key-handing procedure, which was carried out at least twice a day.

The acceptance of the employees of Mobile Easykey was immediate, because from now on there was no criticism for non-deducted or not handed out keys. Since then every colleague has a personal transponder and via the Mobile Easykey software, it is stored who has the authorization to use which device. The unauthorized use is now just as impossible as the forgetting of a key. In addition, each equipped device is switched off after a predefined time, the current access authorization is cancelled and an operator must log on again. Also managed via the Mobile Easykey software, the recurring training for employees! These are stored with an alarm and a reminder is send, e.g. by e-mail to the person responsible in each case.

Andreas Ertler: “The exclusion of unauthorized use is a required by the Employee Protection Act and the Directive for work devices and is clearly regulated in Austrian legislation. Smart lock was introduced for a seamless “state-of-the-art” performance, the inexpensive access control by chip from Mobile Easykey, which simply replaces the existing ignition lock. “The large modules of Mobile Easykey were just too big for the lift trucks and above all the investment was not in proportion to the cost of the device,” says Ertler.

No need to collect the keys anymore
smart lock has now been retrofitted for all lifting and high-lift trucks. Here, too, the daily collection and dispensing of the keys is no longer necessary. In addition, the system takes into account an internal feature of Bombardier: Users also must have authorization to operate drawbar devices and must undergo training. As with the “large” modules of Mobile Easykey, the “user” authorizations are also stored in the “small” smart lock.

The retrofit with smart lock is almost completed. Three Crown order pickers are to follow. And in the future Bombardier will order all forklifts and warehouse equipment from the factory with Mobile Easykey. Not only the exclusion of unauthorized use is appreciated by Andreas Ertler: “Since 2013, we have been using the module crash+. Since then, we had two meaningless crash alarms. Our drivers have become more cautious. This is due to Mobile Easykey. ”

Photo: Andreas Ertler, Bombardier; Christoph Weinzettel, Mobile Easykey

Source: materialfluss 1-2/2017