Innovative products and new software features

Mobile Easykey presents many advancements and a new industry standard for efficient fleet management.

With Mobile Easykey, Domnick+Müller is the market leader for fleet management systems for industrial trucks in Europe. Half of the German DAX companies are among the more than 1,000 customers! With a series of product innovations and the introduction of a KPI (key performance indicator) for efficiency analysis in fleet management, the company will be presenting itself at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from 13th to 15th March 2018.

smart lock 2 with E1-approval for road traffic
Three years ago, smart lock 1 was presented as an access control system for drawbar and small electrical appliances. The inexpensive product, which can replace a mechanical switch lock, was very well received by the customers. Last year, smart lock 2 was released for internal combustion- and driver seat devices. smart lock 2 now receives the so-called E1-approval for public road traffic. This was looked-for by customers whose fleets – including cars, trucks or tractors – are driven not only on the premises but also in public spaces.

smart lock 3 with universal reader
The third variant of the contactless access control is based on smart lock 2 and has a so-called universal reader. This means that almost all RFID standards can be used. This is important e.g. for companies whose company IDs are to be used on forklifts or other devices for permission.

EasyReport: Documentation of damages via App
In the future, accidents can be documented on a smartphone with EasyReport. This app is intended for every employee who has a master or workshop transponder, i.e. for all fleet managers. The managers receive a crash message via the EasyReport app. Photos and text information on the case can be added to the Mobile Easykey software during the device assessment. This allows a complete documentation of insurance claims. The app is initially available for Android and will be able to document further notifiable incidents at a later stage of development.

EasyPoint 2 for companies without wireless technology
Theoretically each Mobile Easykey module on each vehicle would have to be read out individually via laptop and cable, for companies without wireless technology. Instead, an EasyPoint 2 can be installed at a central location. The data transfer then takes place via the Bluetooth dongle on the Mobile Easykey module to the EasyPoint 2. If the EasyPoint was previously only a way to transfer the data to the company network, the second version is now completely self-sufficient – if required. The EasyPoint 2 integrates the PC and the touch screen, which together enable the use of the Mobile Easykey software and thus the complete fleet management. Of course, EasyPoint 2 can also be integrated into the company’s own network and transfer the data to a central database.

Indoor Locator 2: Localisation in real time
awiloc is the localisation technology of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrates Circuits (IIS) for cities and buildings. Together with the Fraunhofer IIS, Mobile Easykey has developed the next generation of the optional indoor locator based on awiloc. This enables the location of industrial trucks in buildings with an accuracy of approx. 5 meters.

OEE: the new standard for efficiency
How do you compare the effectiveness of assets or fleets? So far, there was no conclusive and consistent answer. The Mobile Easykey software now enables the evaluation of overall equipment effectiveness (“OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness”) according to a formula of the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. For the first time, the evaluation of a fleet based on an independent standard will be possible. The OEE is a KPI that makes the availability, performance and quality of fleets, machinery and operations comparable.

Mobile Easykey LogiMAT 2018

Mobile Easykey LogiMAT 2018: Hall 10, Stand 10C04