Mobile Easykey in use at BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte

Fleet management for tugger trains

In 2012, BSH Hausgeräte began planning a complete production changeover at the Traunreut plant. During the planning phase it quickly became clear that high investments were necessary. Not only in the conversion of the assembly lines but also in the acquisition of the tugger trains which had to be protected. This was achieved with the fleet management system Mobile Easykey.

Mobile Easykey Bosch Siemens HausgeräteAnnually, the 3000 employees of the competence centre for home appliances develop and manufacture two million units. The main emphasis is the production of 6,000 stoves per day – in innumerable variety of configurations, for the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Constructa. Diversification and a high degree of vertical integration required a new production process. Where previously pallets were brought to the line by forklifts, work needed to be more efficient and more flexible. The new concept of the assembly lines, which are equipped with KLT route excursion, was successively implemented starting in 2015. Ludwig Tradler, logistics planner in the Supply Chain Efficiency department: “The tugger trains from Linde, Toyota and LKE are as individual as our product range, some of them are special constructions.” Ludwig Tradler learned about protective measures for the tugger trains in 2015 at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart and made a find at Mobile Easykey. “The crash sensors have led to a more cautious approach on the day the system was introduced,” says Tradler. The logistics planner continues: “It seems to be quite uncomfortable for colleagues to ask the shift supervisor or manager to release the device after an accident using a master transponder.”

Employee ID card as a vehicle key
Mobile Easykey Bosch Siemens HausgeräteThe works council was also convinced of the improvement in work safety management and guaranteed data protection.
“Mobile Easykey also has a high level of acceptance among its employees: Today the employee ID card is the key for the tugger train. We used to have key chaos in the past. Now the device switches off after a defined time and the employee releases it with the transponder chip integrated in his company ID card. That convinced the colleagues! And above all, today only employees can start a tugger train or a forklift if they are authorized.” The management of vehicles and drivers is also well received by BSH employees:” The modular system from Mobile Easykey transmits the data of all 34 tugger trains via the WLAN network to the software Mobile Easykey Manager. Thus all vehicles can be conveniently managed and analyzed centrally.”

Also used in logistics by BSH Traunreut
BSH in Traunreut uses Mobile Easykey not only in intralogistics, but also in logistics for the finished units. In the spacious and high halls, stoves are piled up to the ceiling. Here, Bernd Licinac is responsible for the logistics processes. Mobile Easykey was implemented at about the same time as in the intralogistics of production – but completely independent of each other. At BSH Traunreut, as part of a pilot project, the parent company Bosch is testing the in-house localization via camera in conjunction with the Mobile Easykey fleet management system. 34 tugger trains and more than 60 forklifts are equipped with Mobile Easykey.

Photo 1: Ludwig Tradler, BSH; Christoph Weinzettel, Mobile Easykey; Bernd Licinac, BSH

„Fleet management for tugger trains“
Job Report: Mobile Easykey in use at BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
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