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1 | Has the system proven itself?
2 | For which fleet size is Mobile Easykey reasonable to use?
3 | How innovative is Mobile Easykey?
4 | How do customers rate the system?
5 | Which customers use Mobile Easykey?
6 | How sustainable is Mobile Easykey?

1 | Trusted System

Since 1999 more than 35 employees work on the development of Mobile Easykey. Hardware, software, production and service is “Made in Germany“. Behind Mobile Easykey stands the family-owned company Domnick+Müller, which looks back onto over 60 years of a successful company history. With more than 1,000 customers in 24 countries, Mobile Easykey is the European market leader for vendor independent fleet management system. Our clients range from plenty of medium sized companies up to 15 out of 30 German stock market index DAX-listed corporations.

The quality of the modules is undeniable. The system, which was installed 15 years ago, is working perfectly today. We were also able to easily detach Mobile Easykey from old forklifts and fit it to new ones.

Thomas Müller

Lufthansa Cargo

2 | Reasonable Application

Already for one vehicle the access control and security is reasonable. Having several appliances – even in different locations – the diverse possibilities of fleet management and optimisation take effect. With a comprehensive range of accessories Mobile Easykey is set up in modules and can be adjusted to any company size. From the smallest company all the way up to global players Mobile Easykey has the right solution at hand.


3 | Innovative Market Leader

Mobile Easykey undergoes constant further development – especially in cooperation with our customers increasing demands lead to ongoing improvements in hardware and software and upgrades with new accessories.


4 | Customers about Mobile Easykey

Damage: –20 %
Fleet size: –10 %
Maintenance costs: –10 %

Source: VDI Report 2011
Daimler site Germersheim

Damage: –40 %
Fleet size: –15 %
Maintenance costs: –15 %

Quelle: Job Report 2015,
OTLG Germany


5 | Excerpt from our Customer List

Mobile Easykey Customer List


6 | Sustainability

Domnick+Müller is always attempting to work sustainable and resource-friendly. Sustainability has always been one of the company values and this not only since the discussions on CO2 targets and climate change! With the product Mobile Easykey, Domnick+Müller expanded this image and helps customers to improve their environmental performance. Our contribution to greater sustainability in your organisation:

Reducing the size of the fleet

The reduction in the fleet size of our customers will not only result in savings, but also to conserve resources: forklifts, not produced, are inherently no burden on the environment.

Savings confirmed by customers:

  • Volkswagen OTLG: 15 % fewer trucks
  • Daimler: 10 % fewer trucks
Automatic shutdown of internal combustion
  • Adjustable for individual requirements and conditions
  • Available for all Mobile Easykey modules (except smart lock 1)
  • Depending on the number and size of the fleet of internal combustion, massive savings are possible
    – For example for an Austrian recycling company: every year up to 90,000 litres of diesel fuel running 25 internal combustion vehicles (including wheel loaders)
  • Reduction of local pollutants and noise pollution
  • Compliance with environmental regulatory and trade association requirements for partial operation in closed buildings
  • Reduction of maintenance expenses through extension of maintenance intervals
Intelligent battery management
  • Lower power consumption through efficient loading
  • Resource conservation by increasing the life of the batteries thanks to optimised cycles
  • Avoidance of battery damage by liquid level detection
  • Preventing unnecessary investments and thus unnecessarily employed resources through analysis and optimisation of the pool of batteries and chargers with the Mobile Easykey software
Dynamic maintenance planning

The dynamic maintenance planning of Mobile Easykey also contributes to resource conservation. Maintenance will no longer be carried out according to rigid time intervals, but subject to hours of operation. Typically, this leads to a reduction of maintenance and thus avoiding unnecessary use of materials, E.g. for machine- or hydraulic oil.

Long service life of products

Mobile Easykey modules are designed for a long service life. They outlive that of a forklift typically several-fold. All modules can be removed and refitted with a device-change. The long service life is evidenced by the customer Lufthansa. After more than 15 years there are still problem-free modules in use.

Domnick+Müller current balance sheet operating sustainable and economically:
  • 44 tonnes CO2 annual savings through eco-electricity
  • 39 tonnes CO2 annual savings through bio gas (compensation by certified environmental projects)
  • Gradual transition to consumption-optimised devices across the enterprise (E.g. Exchange of neon lights by LED tubes)
  • Reducing paper consumption through digitalisation of processes (E.g. development of its own technician- and management software)
  • Vehicle fleet meets the highest environmental standards (E.g. diesel vehicles to Euro 6 standard and AdBlue technology, if available)
  • CO2 neutrality of all printed matter (compensation by certified environmental projects)
  • Regional production with short supply chains



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Fleet management for tugger trains

Mobile Easykey in use at BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte Fleet management for tugger trains In 2012, BSH Hausgeräte began planning a complete production changeover at the Traunreut plant. During the planning phase it quickly became clear that high investments were...

Safety first with smart lock

Bombardier Austria secures forklift and storage technology with access control of Mobile Easykey Safety first with smart lock In Vienna, trams are built for the whole world. Safety is at the top of the agenda - not just for the finished product, but also for daily...

Forklifts on Google Earth

Mobile Easykey with Outdoor Locator in use at the seaport Brake Forklifts on Google Earth The seaport Brake in the Unterweser region belongs in international comparison to the rather small handling centres. For grain and feeds however, it is the number 1 in Germany....

Intelligent fleet management for forklifts

Intelligent fleet management for forklifts Behind Mobile Easykey stands the owner-managed company Domnick+Müller. The forklift dealer from Friedrichsdorf faced a new start in 2001, when the traditional brand Steinbock was taken off the market. One focus of the...

A small blue box for more security

A small blue box for more security At Rudolph Logistik every driver has his own transponder. This means that he will "release" his vehicle before he starts work. With Mobile Easykey, the logistical operator from north Hesse has increased the safety and at the same...

Security from the blue box

Strong decline in forklift accidents due to fleet management system Security from the blue box Quality and cost-effectiveness are as important to the decision-makers at Arcelor Mittal as are environmental compatibility and safety. Three of these production targets...

Volkswagen OTLG backs Mobile Easykey

Volkswagen OTLG backs Mobile Easykey In Dieburg near Frankfurt am Main, the "golden transponder" was handed over to Volkswagen Genuine Parts Logistics at the end of the introduction of Mobile Easykey. In Germany, VW OTLG has currently equipped 487 forklift trucks...

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