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Data Transfer


1 | How is the system structured?
2 | Are there different versions of Mobile Easykey?
3 | What accessories are there?
4 | How does the data transfer work?
5 | What does the software do?

1 | Fitting

The Mobile Easykey module is mounted to a forklift or any other machinery. The user logs into the system with a personal transponder. The authorisation code of individual drivers, vehicles and vehicle groups are filed within the modules. An expiry date for the transponder can be set. For special authorisations the master or workshop transponder can be assigned, for example: to review a vehicle after a crash or to transport it to the workshop. A further central feature is the presence detection function. This will insure an automatic log out according to a freely chosen time frame. The software Mobile Easykey Manager administrates all data and statistics.

According to the ‘Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health‘, every company is obliged to secure its industrial trucks against unauthorised use. Mobile Easykey assists in meeting these requirements – easy and inexpensive.

Volker Quirin

Department and Development Manager

2 | Products

The products in the smart category form the low-priced entry into the world of Mobile Easykey.

Mobile Easykey smart lock 1smart lock 1

The cost-effective access control for drawbar and appliances replaces the mechanical switch lock. Employees receive a personal transponder, which authorizes them to use defined devices. The data transmission takes place by means of infrared programming cable.


Mobile Easykey smart lock 2smart lock 2

With the possibility of connecting a presence detection (e.g. seat contact, dead man‘s switch), smart lock 2 is also approved for driver‘s seat devices. Data transfers automatically via Bluetooth.


Mobile Easykey smart lock 3smart lock 3

The third version has a universal reader for transponders. Thus, customer systems such as e.g. company badges, can be used. Data transfers automatically via Bluetooth. The connection of a presence detection is possible (for example seat contact, dead man’s switch).



With the classic range of Mobile Easykey, all individual requirements are fulfilled. With the modular system an extension is possible by a wide range of accessories. The renowned configurations crash+remote and basic have become own brand names in the Mobile Easykey range and will be retained. crash+remote is also available as a certified EX-protection variant and cold storage version up to -35°).

modular plus

The latest generation of Mobile Easykey impresses with a display and intuitive menu navigation. The focus of development was the requirements of fleet customers wanting an interaction with the operator. Thus, e.g. Easy Report, an app for example for the documentation of damage, as well as a modern and safe departure control with the display is possible. Integrated in this preconfigured module is, optional, the patented digital Crash Sensor Remote as well as the data transmission options via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Implementation on the vehicle takes place via the MEK interface, which can be ordered ex works from all well-known forklift manufacturers. This interface considerably simplifies the installation and allows later conversion to another vehicle.


3 | Accessories

Mobile Easykey offers a comprehensive range of accessories.

Presence Detection

Mobile Easykey Presence DetectionMobile Easykey Presence DetectionThe radar presence detection is used to reliably detect the presence of a driver and the automatic shutdown of the forklift when leaving and thus also to save energy. It is used when the vehicle itself does not have any detection sensors (e.g. seat contact switch) or an intervention in the vehicle‘s electronics is not wanted. With the presence detection the hours of use can also be displayed. The plug and play setup only takes a few minutes.

Crash Sensor Remote

EKZ -140
Mobile Easykey Crash Sensor RemoteThe patented digital Crash Sensor Remote is unique worldwide. The dual system has a three-axis acceleration sensor and an impact sound microphone. Its settings are determined by a “learning trip” during operation and defined in three “crash stages” in the Mobile Easykey software. Scheduled actions are defined for each level. Thus, e.g. level one is only documented in the logbook, an additional e-mail is sent to the safety officer at level two, and at stage three the vehicle is stopped or slowed down in speed. The sensor is already included in the modules modular plus and crash+remote.

EBZ Power Sensor

Mobile Easykey EBZ Power SensorThe EBZ Power Sensor generates log entries for usage hours for electric vehicles. These entries appear automatically every 15 minutes in the logbook and record the period of use in a 15-minute period. The data can be used to get detailed evaluations of the actual use of the vehicles. For efficient use of the EBZ Power Sensor, the software module Maintenance, UVV and Mail is recommended.

LED Departure Control

EKZ-048Mobile Easykey Departure Control
With the Departure Control, drivers can record the condition of the truck in the logbook of the Mobile Easykey software, before starting the journey by pushing a green or red button.


Event Tool

The Event Tool can be used to record usage hours and two other events. Channel 1 is used to record the hours of use of the vehicle. These entries appear automatically every 15 minutes in the logbook and record the period of use in a 15-minute period. The data can be used to get detailed evaluations of the actual use of the vehicles. Channels 2 and 3 can be freely assigned with a switching signal. For example, the recording of journeys with and without load (corresponding sensor necessary) or warnings of the vehicle. The data appears in the logbook and can be used for reports and statistics. For efficient use of the Event Tool, the software module Maintenance, UVV and Mail is recommended.

MEK Interfaces

The Mobile Easykey interface ensures easy and fast installation in forklift trucks. For new vehicles many manufacturers offer the interface already ex-factory. The effort for the assembly of the module is thus very low. The conversion of our durable hardware to another forklift is also simplified by the interface. The cost of assembling the module will be greatly reduced when the work is carried out by trained personnel.

Mobile Easykey Interface basic

EKT-708 Mobile Easykey Interface modular basic



Mobile Easykey Interface crash+remoteEKT-709 Mobile Easykey Interface modular crash+remote

Mounting: Base Plate Crash Sensor Remote

EKZ-075 Base Plate Crash Sensor Remote

Mobile Easykey Base Plate Crash Sensor RemoteFor the safe and easy assembly we offer a Base Plate. This can also be installed in advance, so the subsequent assembly runs significantly faster.


Mounting: Universal Holder modular

Mobile Easykey Universal HolderThe universally applicable bracket can be fitted to the A-pillars or spars of all standard forklifts. The universal holder is securely fastened and can be adjusted for optimum operability. Several joints enable ergonomic positioning. The universal holder can be used for all “modular modules“. For some vehicles an additional special “fixing claw” of the manufacturer is required for the A-pillar!

Mounting: Universal Holder modular | modular plus

If it is not possible to attach the adhesive pad on the vehicle side, the attachment can be made with an M8 thread. On the module side, it is fastened with an adhesive pad.

RFID Transponders

EKZ-001… Transponders
Mobile Easykey RFID TranspondersVia the passive transponders (EM4100/4102/ 4200) access to forklifts are given to users if they are authorized. We have different colours and styles on offer. The transponder is also available in a special EX-protection version. We guarantee for our transponders that each ID has only been assigned once and the activation of the module also takes place at a distance of up to 3 cm. With the Universal Card Reader, we support the following variants:

125 kHz

  • EM4100/4102/4200 (Unique – Standard Mobile Easykey Transponder)
  • EM4150, EM4450
  • HITAG 1
  • HITAG 2
  • HID Proximity

13,56 MHz

  • MIFARE Classic
  • LEGIC prime
  • LEGIC advant

The supported variants are constantly being expanded. On our own test bench, we check the customer’s transponder for compatibility.

RFID Retractable Transponder Holder

Mobile Easykey Retractable Transponder HolderThis function coil is used for practical attachment of your own transponder „on the person“. The spool can be pulled out up to approx. 70 cm and automatically and safely returns the transponder. It is available in different colours. Lost transponders are a thing of the past.

RFID Desktop Readers

EKZ-006 Desktop Reader Mobile Easykey 
Mobile Easykey RFID Desktop ReaderVia the Mobile Easykey Desktop Reader the Easykey transponders (EM4100/4102/4200) can comfortably be assigned to various users or batteries. The Mobile Easykey software contains all necessary drivers and functions. The Desktop Reader can also be used as an additional authentication point for logging on to the software.


EKZ-007 Desktop Reader Universal 
Mobile Easykey RFID Desktop ReaderVia the Universal Desktop Reader all common (125 kHz and 13.56 mHz) transponders can be conveniently assigned to the various users or batteries. The Mobile Easykey software contains all necessary drivers and functions. The Universal Desktop Reader can also be used as an additional authentication point for logging on to the software.

4 | Data Transfer

For smaller fleets the data transfer takes place either manually with a laptop or cable straight at the vehicle. More comfortable and useful for larger fleets is the data transfer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile, EasyPoint 2 or Bluetooth Base Station. We are happy to advise you on the optimum solution for you.


Mobile Easykey Wi-FiThe Mobile Easykey Wi-Fi module version 6 is a proprietary development. In terms of function and performance, we exceed twice the legal requirements (“Federal Office for Security in Information Technology”)! A simple encryption with WPA2 or via a Radius Server and with up to 4096 bit certificates is no problem for us. Of course, we use the 2.4 and/or 5 GHz range if required. A corresponding configuration tool allows a simple and fast commissioning.



Mobile Easykey BluetoothThe Bluetooth module version 6 is also a proprietary development and is based on the same platform as our Wi-Fi module. All our Bluetooth devices are preconfigured and work immediately without additional effort. Of course, secured and protected against external access. Our hardware only communicates with each other and only after initial initialisation with a specific database!

Mobile | GPS

Mobile Easykey Mobile NetworkThe Mobile module is also our own development. It is the ideal solution for all areas that cannot be covered by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Optionally, you can equip the Mobile modules with GPS to display the current location of all vehicles in the Mobile Easykey software. A regular SIM card from any network provider is needed to send data to the module. In regular operation, less than 250 MB of data volume per month is used.

Easy Point 2

Mobile Easykey Easy Point 2The new Easy Point 2 is a fully fledged stand-alone solution for operating Mobile Easykey, incl. Mini-PC with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Mobile Easykey software can be fully used with the Easy Point 2. Alternatively, Easy Point 2 simply transmits the data only to a server. With the touch screen, the software can be conveniently operated and for example also integrate service providers for maintenance/UVV efficiently. The software module EKS-101 „Access Rights“ allows the definition of corresponding user roles (who is allowed to do what, who can see what, who can do what) and to connect external workers securely.

Bluetooth Base Station

Mobile Easykey Bluetooth Base StationThe compact Bluetooth base station is centrally mounted, e.g. at a petrol station or battery charging station so that each vehicle can regularly transmit data to and receive data from the Mobil Easykey software.

5 | Software

The MSSQL based Mobile Easykey Manager is intuitively operable. The software can be provided – with different authorisation codes – at several work locations. With Easy Translate the software easily translates into any language.
The optional software maintenance and licensing contract costs 1 Euro per month and vehicle (plus a monthly flat rate of 200 Euro, subject to the terms of the contract). It offers not only the obligatory updates, but also regular functional checks, etc..
For the use of the smart lock modules, we offer a particularly reasonably priced entry-level version of the software: MEKM smart.

Mobile Easykey Manager

Mobile Easykey ManagerThe intuitively administrable software Mobile Easykey Manager offers you all possibilities to manage your fleet.

Software features:

  • Register and setup modules and transponders for users
  • Setup of master transponders to activate locked modules (e.g. due to an accident)
  • Creation of workshop transponders to quickly and securely lock defective vehicles for all other transponders
  • Assignment of users and batteries to modules (assigning authorisations)
  • Time control of the authorisations based on an expiration date
  • Individual software control rights (who can do what?)
  • Double password protection for the work council
  • Logbook for recording all events (registration, log-in, log-off, crash, workshop stays and many more) including the date, time, vehicles involved, user recording of log-in and usage hours incl. statistical extrapolations for leasing/rent
  • Notifications for various events (oil level, electrolyte level etc.)
  • Notification of an accident or other incidents
  • Notification of a maintenance date or other relevant dates
  • Easy Translate, translation into other languages
Mobile Easykey Manager smart

MEKM smart is a software specially developed for the module family smart. It is just as easy and intuitive to operate as the MEKM and meets the requirements of the VDI standard 4458. Many of the MEKM functions are also included in the MEKM smart, for example:

  • Planning of UVV and G25
  • Recording of switch-on and usage hours
  • Double password protection
  • Logbook for recording all processes
  • Easy Translate
  • Automatic data exchange

The MEKM smart includes the new smart App, with which the smart lock 2 and 3 modules can be controlled.

MEKM Software Maintenance- and Licence Contract

EKS-911 and 912 (includes EKS-100)
Carefree for 1 Euro: That‘s the amount you pay – per vehicle, per month. In addition you pay a flat rate of 200 Euro per MEKM database per month. This ensures the smooth functioning of the software in your company.

  • Use of the complete software incl. all software modules (according to the conditions of the contract)
  • HelpDesk with defined reaction times
  • Software updates at least once a year
  • Firmware updates acc. contract
  • Functional software check once a month
Access Rights

Mobile Easykey Software Access RightsEKS-101
Mobile Easykey supports you in the implementation of the GDPR with the optional software module „Access rights“. With this software module, it is possible to completely control the operation and display options:

  • Different users
  • With different roles as well
  • Several separate areas with different operating or display rights

This system is data protection compliant and receives a very high approval from works councils!

Indoor Locator

Mobile Easykey Indoor LocatorVia Wi-Fi the Mobile Easykey module also transmits its location to the software. An inexpensive and simple variant offers access-point-accurate positioning. The more Wi-Fi access points are installed, the more accurate the device is located. The fleet manager has a comprehensive overview of the entire operation: What equipment is where and in which condition: logged in, energised, in crash, in workshop mode, etc..
The only precondition is a current Mobile Easykey Wi-Fi module. This cost-effective solution is possible without any retrofitting or intervention in the hardware.

Outdoor Locator

With our mobile GPS module you have the possibility to locate machines in the outdoor area. We regularly record the position data and save it in the log book on request. With a simple click on the position data you can see the exact position e.g. on Google Earth.

YouTube Video Outdoor Locator

Maintenance, UVV and Mail

Mobile Easykey Maintenance and UVV module
With this software module up to ten time alarms (for example for the due date of a UVV) and one limit value for the log-in and/or usage hours per module can be configured for pro-active security. When a time alarm is reached or an on-or-off hour limit is exceeded, an alarm will automatically be triggered. This will be displayed in the information centre and, if desired, may appear as a pop-up window and/or be sent to one or more of the e-mail addresses.
In addition, a warning can be issued in good time before the alarm is reached. Likewise, an overdue message can be generated if the alarm is not acknowledged accordingly.


The software module Finance provides an accurate overview of the costs for each vehicle. For this the usage hours are set in relation to the costs. You can enter and evaluate costs in various categories. The module is customisable. Digital invoices from some manufacturers can already be imported. With various alarms, you can be warned at any time, if something “runs out of control”. Freely configurable import filters provide maximum flexibility for automatically capturing costs. The inclusion of operating supplies (electricity, diesel and LPG) is also possible and creates even more transparency in the effective operating costs.

Statistics Live

Mobile Easykey Statistics ModuleWith the module Statistics Live all recorded data can be processed and visualised in a user-friendly manner. This software module shows edited, visualised statistics that are automatically updated in the background with each new logbook entry. This way, you will always receive an up-to-date status of your fleet. All graphics and raw data can of course be exported and used for presentations or further processing.

Easy Report

Mobile Easykey Easy ReportEKS-110
The new mobile app for Android and iOS offers the opportunity to receive information on events such as a crash on the smartphone/tablet and to edit the incident in the app. Comments on the incident can be written and several pictures taken, which are then archived in the Mobile Easykey software for the specific event. The vehicle can also be put into workshop mode or released for further use. Pictures and reports, for example after accidents are documented in the logbook of the software. An extension to customer-specific forms is possible. A corresponding network coverage (in general Wi-Fi) is of course a prerequisite for the function.


Please note our privacy policy.

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