What has the "Mobile Easykey Manager" software to offer?

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You decide whether you want to buy or rent our software in the future. Though, we do not simply offer you a license model, but a complete maintenance contract!

All around care free for 1 €
That‘s the amount you pay us – per vehicle, per month. In addition there is a flat rate of EUR 200.00 per MEK instance per month. For this we ensure the smooth functioning of the software „Mobile Easykey Manager“ (MEKM) in your company.

This is what you can expect
The most important services at a glance:

MEKM Software

  • Use of the complete software including all software modules (accord. to the terms of the Software Maintenance and License Agreement)


  • Response time within 4 hours
  • Standby on weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 7am to 5pm
  • Restore function in the event of total failure within 24 hours (via remote maintenance, if a back-up is available)
  • Clearing of disruptions within 48 hours (via remote maintenance)

Software Updates

  • Download link for a Free Update, at least once a year
  • Update Support, max. twice a year

Move/Change MEKM Server

  • Support max. twice a year

Firmware Updates

  • According to the terms of the Software Maintenance and License Agreement


  • 1 x monthly check for the trouble-free functioning of MEKM on your systems

What has the “Mobile Easykey Manager” software to offer?

The MSSQL based Mobile Easykey Manager is intuitively operable. The software can be provided – with different authorisation codes – at several work locations. With EasyTranslate the software easily translates into any language. Up to date available in DE, EN, ES, F, NL, CZ.

  • Fleet management: acquisition and setting up authorisations of modules and transponders. Crash messaging to defined persons. Central management for all vehicles and appliances, even in different locations.
  • UVV- and dynamic maintenance scheduling according to usage hours: all dates at a glance. Unnecessary maintenance is avoided.
  • Fleet optimisation: with comprehensive statistics and reports – at your fingertips – and individually definable.

The Mobile Easykey software and its optional modules:

Mobile Easykey Manager smart

The MEKM smart is an optimised version for smaller customers, which is only used to manage users and modules.
It provides all functions for access control and recording of all data of the module.

Mobile Easykey Manager

Mobile Easykey ManagerThe intuitively administrable software Mobile Easykey Manager offers you all possibilities to manage your fleet.

Software features:

  • Register and setup modules and transponders for users
  • Setup of master transponders to activate locked modules (e.g. due to an accident)
  • Creation of workshop transponders to quickly and securely lock defective vehicles for all other transponders
  • Organise users, modules and batteries in groups or areas with specific rights and properties
  • Assignment of users and batteries to modules (assigning authorisations)
  • Time control of the authorisations based on an expiration date
  • Double password protection for the work council
  • Individual software control rights (who can do what?)
  • Logbook for recording all events (registration, log-in, log-off, crash, workshop stays and many more) including the date, time, vehicles involved, user recording of log-in and usage hours incl. statistical extrapolations for leasing/ rent
  • Notifications for various events (oil level, electrolyte level etc.)
  • Notification of an accident or other incidents
  • Notification of a maintenance date or other relevant dates
  • Automatic and manual data exchange  between the software and the modules
  • Creation of clear reports and statistics of the different areas
  • Live statistics, automatically updated with each data exchange
  • All financial data at a glance with projection and statistics document management for users, vehicles and batteries
  • Management of shift models
Software Access Rights

Mobile Easykey Software Access RightsEKS-101
With the additional software module Access Rights, it is possible to control the operation and display possibilities within the Mobile Easykey Manager. Different users with different roles and operating- or display rights and several separate areas can be set up. This system is compliant with data protection and has a very high approval of work councils!

Mobile Easykey Software Access Rights Sales Sheet
2 pages (PDF, monitor resolution)
2 pages (PDF, optimised for printing)

Indoor Locator

Mobile Easykey Indoor Locator
Via Wi-Fi the Mobile Easykey module also transmits its location to the software. An inexpensive and simple variant offers access-point-accurate positioning.The more Wi-Fi access points are installed, the more accurate the device is located. The fleet manager has a comprehensive overview of the entire operation: What equipment is where and in which condition: logged in, energized, in crash, in workshop mode, etc. The only precondition is a current Mobile Easykey Wi-Fi module.

Maintenance, UVV and Mail Module

Mobile Easykey Maintenance and UVV module

With this software module, up to ten time alarms and a limit value for e.g. usage hours can be configured for each module. When a time alarm is reached or an operating time limit value is exceeded, an alarm is automatically triggered. This is displayed in the information center and/or appears as a popup window and/or will be sent to one or more e-mail addresses. In addition, a warning can be issued in good time before the alarm is reached. A message can also be triggered if an alarm has not been considered.

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Financial Module

EKS-105 Financial Module

All costs at a glance
The Financial Module, issued with the 2017 software version, provides an accurate overview of the costs for each vehicle. The usage hours are set in relation to the costs. You can enter and evaluate costs in various categories. The module is customizable. Digital invoices from some manufacturers can be imported.

With various alarms, you can be warned at any time, if something “runs out of control”. Freely configurable import filters provide maximum flexibility for automatically capturing costs. The inclusion of operating supplies (electricity, diesel and LPG) is also possible and creates even more transparency in the effective operating costs.

Monthly updated reports
In coordination with the software module Statstics Live (EKS-106), you will receive graphically edited calendar monthly updated reports at a glance. If desired, a direct comparison can be made between vehicle types and / or manufacturers. You can choose between individual vehicles, vehicle groups or entire locations. The periods can also be selected individually. The more data are entered, the more clearly a trend can be foreseen. This makes it easier to make decisions for purchases, replacements or repairs. All this is done automatically.

Mobile Easykey Finance Module

Cost type and cost unit
You can manage all of this with the Financial Module: investment costs, depreciation, rental, leasing, full service, costs of machinery breakdown insurance, damage, repairs, maintenance, UVV or any individual defined cost types and cost units.
From the data, the software automatically calculates a financial status – depending on your requirements for hours of operation and / or hours of use of your fleet. The manual entry of costs and invoices is just as possible as an automatic import via defined interfaces.

Document Management
With the document management integrated in the Mobile Easykey software, you also have all relevant documents in the right place and, if required, immediately at hand.

ERP Interface
Data can be automatically imported into the finance tool from any ERP when exporting is possible, e.g. in CSV file format.

Statistics Module

EKS-103 and EKS-106Mobile Easykey Statistics Module
With the Statistics Module all recorded data can be processed and visualized in a user-friendly manner. There are two variants:

1. With the Statistics Module Standard statistics can be configured individually and the data can be output as an Excel file. For each evaluation, we always provide the raw data as a basis. You can also use the Excel file for further processing.

2. The Software Statistics Module Live (available since MEKM Version 3.7) shows edited, visualized statistics that are automatically updated in the background with each new logbook entry. This way, you will always receive an up-to-date status of your fleet. All graphics and raw data can of course be exported and used for presentations or further processing.

Battery Management

Charging, electrolyte level, amount of electricity and temperature are e.g. recorded digitally by batcom digital. From this data, the Mobile Easykey Software generates statistics and analyses which can be configured according to individual needs: per forklift, per department, for the entire company or for forklift types. The Mobile Easykey modules can receive data from various battery management systems via their integrated Bluetooth interface.

Active Call

Mobile Easykey fleetEKS-109
With the introduction of the new module fleet, it is also possible to use the Active Call software module. It allows text communication with the display of the new module. For example a direct message can be sent from the display of a smartphone, tablet or a PC. The selection of a single module is just as possible as selecting a group. Automatic notifications are also possible. For this purpose, an appropriate interface is available in the Mobile Easykey Software. Active Call also supplements the software module Indoor Locator (see left column on this page). Individual text messages as well as notifications of e.g. maintenance dates can be displayed. Through the integrated keyboard the driver can accept orders or confirm information.

Easy Report

Mobile Easykey Easy ReportEKS-110
The new mobile app for Android and IOS offers the opportunity to receive information on events such as a crash on the smartphone/ tablet and to edit the incident in the app. Comments on the incident can be written and several pictures taken, which are then archived in the Mobile Easykey software for the specific event. The vehicle can also be put into workshop mode or released for further use.

All of this is fully documented in the software. An extension to customer-specific forms is possible. A corresponding network coverage (Wi-Fi) is of course a prerequisite.


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