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1 | What can Mobile Easykey be used for?
2 | Which devices can be equipped?
3 | How is safety increased during operation?
4 | What do works councils and data protection officers think of Mobile Easykey?
5 | How is the system implemented?
6 | How does Mobile Easykey reduce costs?

1 | Security and Transparency

All Mobile Easykey variants exclude the unauthorized use of all equipped machines and devices. With the Mobile Easykey software, you have an overview of your fleet and can effectively organise and optimise the fleet with extensive analysis tools.
Reducing the damage caused by damage to forklifts, equipment and peripherals also has a cost-cutting effect.

2 | One System for All

Mobile Easykey is a system for the whole company. Forklifts, vehicles, machines, gates… everything can be secured with the system. Mobile Easykey is particularly suitable for mixed fleets being manufacturer independent. The retrofitting of existing devices is readily available. New forklifts, already equipped with Mobile Easykey, can be ordered ex works. Many forklift manufacturers also offer the Mobile Easykey interface as an accessory. This makes the installation virtually a „plug-and-play“.


3 | More Safety

This is Mobile Easykey - More SafetyThe introduction of the system immediately leads to a more prudent approach of employees. In particular, the patented crash sensor – with structure-borne sound microphone and accelerometer – pays off quickly. In the case of a passive or active crash, three different reactions can be defined, for example:
| warning by flash lamp on the module for a defined time
| shutdown, complete or temporary
| entry in the logbook of the software


4 | Data Protection

The Mobile Easykey software simplifies the implementation of the GDPR. The principles of “Privacy by Design“ and “Privacy by Default“ were already taken into account during the development. Further, in 2018, the so-called works council password was introduced: personal data is only visible through double authentication!


5 | Implementation and Services

The setup is possible by own employees or factory fitters of Mobile Easykey. Mobile Easykey offers intensive training on installation and software. Technical documentation and installation instructions are available for a large number of device types. During the implementation, Mobile Easykey supports you with project managers, network specialists and factory fitters – by remote maintenance or personally on site, depending on the project size and the agreement reached.

For technical questions, please use our helpdesk system on our website or send an e-mail to:

Service Technician on Site

The hardware assembly is possible with your own personnel – trained by us. On request, the Mobile Easykey modules can also be assembled by our factory technician on site.

Software Installation

Software installation, initial setup of the MEKM, database, service and one client by remote access: As a leading technology company in fleet management, we offer a competent support of IT specialists. For example, we can perform the complete installation of a running system by remote maintenance. Your IT provides us access, we do everything else!

Training Specialist on Site

More than 1,000 customers in 24 countries: We conduct fleet management every day, which is why we would like to share our knowledge with you. Upon request, we can organise all kinds of training courses on site or at our headquarters in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Basic training on how to use the system, IT training for administration of large installations or special training in reports and statistics.

6 | Lower Costs

This is Mobile Easykey - Lower CostsIncreased safety, thanks to a more careful driving style, means that the introduction of Mobile Easykey can result in considerably less damage to forklift trucks and peripherals. The intuitively operable software with its sophisticated analysis tools creates transparency in the vehicle fleet and displays the actual need for forklifts within a very short time. Superfluous devices are shown immediately. The fleet is used more effectively. Just as transparent is the maintenance planning, which can be dynamically designed with Mobile Easykey.
Maintenance and legal tests are carried out according to hours of use instead of rigid intervals. Statutory audits are monitored and compliance is ensured on time. Damage to expensive replaceable batteries is avoided by exact allocation to forklifts by means of battery management. In addition, the software can record and optimise charging times and charging intervals. Mobile Easykey itself is a maintenance-free system. Experience has shown that the system pays for itself within a very short time.


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Volkswagen OTLG backs Mobile Easykey In Dieburg near Frankfurt am Main, the "golden transponder" was handed over to Volkswagen Genuine Parts Logistics at the end of the introduction of Mobile Easykey. In Germany, VW OTLG has currently equipped 487 forklift trucks...

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